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AMGS Science Concert Part. 6

Nov 07, 2022 Administrator Hit  31

Dear. students of ACGS Global Science Camp

Greetings from APEC Mentoring Center for the Gifted in Science(AMGS).
APEC Mentoring Center is a project to support young students to conduct research with scientists in the APEC region.  

We would like to share the information of the AMGS Science Concert Part. 6 with you. (more details below)
This science concert is to introduce the various science and technology fields to you. You can meet the active scientists and hear what and why they research. 

This November, there will be the 6th science concert with Dr. Jubert. 
He is working on medical science, more in detail, Cardiovascular diseases.
If you have interests in the Medical field or if you want to expand your interest to the field, please feel free to join the Science Concert. 

The AMGS Science Concert is open to all. 
Please leave your name and email address on the link below.

Looking forward to meeting you at the AMGS Science Concert Part. 6
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!

With best, 
Do Yeong

AMGS Science Concert Part. 6
  • Date: November 19 16:00~
  • Topic: Heart to Heart: Translational to Clinical Research in Heart Failure
  • Zoom link: Zoom link will be sent to your email after you register. 
  • Abstract: Cardiovascular diseases and heart failure are two of the leading causes of death worldwide, including in countries in the ASEAN region and South Korea. Heart failure occurs when an imbalance in the intracellular Ca2+ pool contributes to contractile dysfunction and arrhythmia, which are associated with numerous cardiac pathologies, including hypertension and atherosclerosis, leading to heart failure. Current heart failure therapies do not fully address molecular abnormalities of heart failure and carry a very poor prognosis. In this lecture, I will discuss next-generation therapeutic approaches in regulating Ca2+ through the interaction with new and novel target proteins with the use of newly-synthesized compounds. I will also be discussing some of the basic approaches used in cardiovascular research.